High loan volume is achievable by anyone willing to learn the methods

The largest predictor of LO success is how well a team understands the growth impact of skill sets, leadership, culture, and systems, their order of importance, and when to focus on each.

Lisa Wells
$90M Loan Volume
Lisa Wells
Andy Zemon
Andy Zemon
$30M Loan Volume

Top-performers and industry coaches Lisa Wells and Andy Zemon, who drive a combined $120M in annual loan volume, will break down the path from $10M to $30M to $90M in annual loan volume and reveal how success is achieved through replicable methods and process, not working harder.

Moderated by Floify's CMO, Holly Hamann, this powerhouse panel will explain:

  • The stages of LO business growth and how to assess which stage you are in. (Hint: it's not about loan volume or how many hours you work.)
  • Why culture, hiring, and systems are critical areas to master
  • How business priorities shift through the stages
  • The one thing you need to be doing for your business right now